We thrive on our attention to detail and high level of quality workmanship.


Superyacht refits and maintenance

Recreational boat marine systems

Maintenance, repairs and upgrades



Valves- Remove, inspect and test all types of valves including: Ball, butterfly, globe, gate valves

Marine Plumbing- Diagnose, repair and upgrade all types of plumbing including ABS, PP, PVC, SS, CuNi to name a few. We have specialist tooling required to carry out this work

HVAC- Service auxiliary systems including pumps, plumbing, manifolds, air handlers

Ventilation fans- Overhaul, balance fans

Fuel systems


Exterior doors and hatches

Compressors and Pneumatics

Sewerage treatment plants- Overhaul and upgrade systems including Hamann, Headhunter and Jets

Pump servicing

Marine pump services carried out in house

Onboard diagnostics

Service vs replacement costing

Mechanical seal supply and installations

Electric motor servicing including insulation testing

Motor bearing replacement

Pump test bench

Service report issued

Class survey inspections and reports

Specialist equipment including large sand blaster

Epoxy Paint facilities

We hold stock of Calpeda marine pumps on the shelf

Watermaker servicing

Watermaker services for all size vessels from cruising yachts to superyachts

Supply and install new systems

Service and maintain systems

Pre season inspections

Water quality testing

Diagnose component failure 

Pre purchase condition reports

Supply filters and spares

Repair high and low pressure pumps

Replace membranes

Upgrade systems to increase product water capacity

Store watermakers prior to off season or shipping

We are full-service agents for HEM and Parker brand watermakers including Sea Recovery and Village Marine

General engineering


Fuel systems

Valve servicing and testing for Class survey- Lloyds, ABS, DNV

Lifting and rigging- Safely remove and install large components onboard

Compressors and Pneumatics- Diagnose, service and upgrade pneumatic rams, actuators and controls


Full welding capabilities

Aluminium, Stainless steel, Steel, Copper Nickel, and more

Experienced marine fabricators

CAD design and cut files for laser cutting and folding

We can carry out marine fabrication work from design through to installation including anodising, polishing, electroplating or painting